December 02, 2021

Just Saying Hi

By Juliette
Just Saying Hi

Hi and welcome to Devon Hill!

It's been one year since I've joined the infertility community and although it's been a difficult path, I have been fortunate to have met so many inspiring women along the way. As everyone says, worst club, best members.

After several rounds of IVF, I now understand the silent struggle so many women go through in dealing with infertility. From the outside we appear to be "fine", and many of us put on a brave and stoic face but each day is a challenge. We've fought so hard, faced numerous injections, medications that alter your sanity, countless appointments, setback after setback, all in pursuit of meeting that rainbow baby. It's exhausting physically and mentally. 

This community deserves a little love and pampering after all we've been though. We hope to provide that extra bit of strength to encourage you to keep fighting in the moments when you feel defeated. We are rooting for all of you!

Here are a few tips that help get me through each day.

- Yoga has been my favorite escape! Focusing on moving my body helps turn off my brain from the constant stress and anxiety of IVF.

- Making a point to indulge in the Ourika body oil after showering - the scents are amazing and the oil sinks right into your skin. It's a mini spa experience!

- I've switched to drinking warm water. TCM believes that you need a warm womb in order to conceive! The theory is that the body struggles to break down cold food/drinks, and then has difficulty generating qi (energy) and blood. Homemade lemon, ginger, honey tea is my fav.


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